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Rob McCrorey

p: (980) 721-5647
e: [email protected]

Rob has specialized in real estate for over 15 years, with a focus on new home sales and real estate marketing. He serves as a broker in the areas around Huntersville, Cornelius, Davidson and Iredell. He is the LKNHouseHunter, where if You dream it, he will find it."

Rob has been a resident in the Lake Norman area for a decade. He has been happily married for 24 years and is blessed with an 13 year old daughter. Rob can be reached at 19807215647 or by email at [email protected]

My Reviews

We, Kathy and Eric Davidson, met Rob Mc Crorey on October 28, 2013 at noon to begin our search in the Lake Norman area. After a half day, actually 7 hours later, Rob dropped us off and returned at noon the next day to continue the search. We were impressed by Rob's authenticity, friendliness and empathy. During our search he remained focused and organized on our needs. Rob is intuitive, a good listener and assimilates information that assisted in effective use of our time. Further, he is flexible, honest and accommodates client needs as you will read.

On the third day, we decided to make an offer and called Rob. Within two hours, Rob's responsiveness resulted in all essential paperwork completed and he met us to sign the offer. He made contact with the seller's realtor and discuss a number of issues and background facts. A response was soon made and Rob called to inform us.

We offer this to others who desire a quality representative, with knowledge and emotional intelligence that has a philosophy of achieving a desired outcome that satisfies his client's needs and the rest will come.

Eric and Kathy Davidson

Rob McCrorey is a dedicated, dependable, empathetic, intuitive, and resourceful real estate agent. He is also generous with his time, enthusiasm, and energy. We first approached Rob in 2012 about selling our house in Monteith Park. Even though we did not choose to list the house at that time, we were so pleased with Rob's professionalism, we knew he was the agent for us once we were ready to sell.

We came back to Rob in 2013 when we believe we achieved an optimum price and had the best experience possible with Rob as our agent.

Because he's had over 25 years in this field, Rob knows how to interpret the market, not just quote statistics. He is diplomatic but direct and pragmatic in client dealings, thinks the next two steps ahead, and takes the long view of the real estate market, not just the current transaction. Rob is mindful of the ebb and flow of a real estate transaction which helps the client's negotiating position throughout the process, not just at contract signing. When issues or questions arise, he is ready with recommendations and options. He then quickly executes on resolving or addressing them. Rob is a consummate professional and we have the utmost confidence in his character and abilities.

Mary & Greg Hall


Please feel free to use this testimonial in whole or part & in any manner you wish. I am compelled to share my Lake Realty experience with others that may be moving to the area.

When my wife & I were planning to fulfill our dream of living on a lake, I "Googled" exactly that; "Lake Norman realtors" & "Lake Wylie realtors". Obviously many popped up and I read the bios of the top 10 that caught my eye. I sent my two favorite picks from both lakes emails inquiring about a meet-up the following weekend. All agents obliged.

I can quickly isolate the conversation to my Lake Norman experience. Looking back I am surprised at how long it took us to realize the wide variance between the two lakes, but for many reasons we now feel that Lake Norman was the obvious choice.

After a day with both Norman agents, I elected to work with the person that had more tenure on Lake Norman even though I clearly recognized that we had better "karma" and were considerably more relatable with Rob McCrorey. I thanked Rob for his time and he graciously stated that although he was disappointed, he understood our rationale. He thanked us for stating that if something should change, he would be hearing from us.

Days and days of house hunting followed, and I realized that I had made a terrible decision not working with Rob. We slowly but surely understood that relating to your agent is vital to the process as you are with them for 5-6 hours a day over potentially 5-6 weeks or months! I thanked the original agent for her time and called Rob back.

My wife and I looked at about 80 homes, many multiple times. This was to be our last move until the inevitable "scale down" in our later years. Rob made appointment after appointment and managed our considerable search schedule for months. We had VERY specific house requirements which would challenge any agent's patience, but Rob always understood our perspective and forged on.

Once we located our "dream" home, we found that it was vacant due to the seller's work related relocation. This afforded me the opportunity to visit the house as often as needed to set up contractor estimates, etc…as no homeowners where there to be disturbed. That being said Rob still had to coordinate all those appointments and be there to provide access. I am talking about a minimum of once per week for the 3 months prior to closing!

Again, this is testimony to Rob's patience and understanding of his client's needs. He and I would often have lunch together following the visits. If lunch isn't your thing, so be it, but the point is that over this time my "agent" and I became "friends".

Once we closed on previous homes purchased or sold, that was the last time we saw or spoke to our agent. Soon after closing here, Rob informed us that he was providing a move-in cleaning of the house via a professional cleaning service. What a terrific (and completely unexpected) gift for realty clients. A very nice touch, for sure. Rob also gave us multiple quality "Lake Realty" logo items including super nice beach towels. None of this was necessary or expected, but it is just how a truly caring realty agent like Rob does business.

It points to the class of that man that Rob now shares with us that he knew all along that Lake Norman was the lake for us, but he never stated any negativity about Wylie during our search and let us realize this on our own. At the end of the day, it is the character of a person that separates him from the pack. Agents are all showing & selling the same properties. It is ALL about how they manage the process for you.

We have enjoyed our new lake home immensely thus far and attribute it to the guy that found it for us & made the process as painless as possible. Rob & I play tennis about once per week and I look forward to many years of his friendship.

I am available to take any prospective realty client's call or email that wishes to better understand what to me is the obvious realty agent choice.

Sincerely, Paul Chickene

Rob is amazing! He set realistic expectations from start to finish and had impeccable follow up. He did an awesome job representing us in both the sale and purchase of our home.

Fran K.

Rob is a great neighbor and a better Realtor, we would surely recommend him to sell our home again.

Don G.


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